Healthy Start – Official Press Release: Parents Want Answers

HealthyStartInvites Doctors and Childcare Professionals to SIT-IN on CE course Lecture for Sleep Disordered Breathing.

HealthyStart™ The worlds #1 leader in advanced orthodontic and orthopedic care for children will open their classrooms to Educators and Related Medical Professionals for a powerful overview of critical information taught in the Continuing Education that Certifies Dentists and Orthodontists in the treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing.

Dental and other professionals, Register now for upcoming US Lectures and webinars in Jacksonville, FL, Houston, TX, San Diego, CA. Charlotte NC, Austin, TX, Ann Arbor, Seattle, WA, St. Louis, MO – Study Groups and Webinar

Healthy Start Before and AfterCalled the Silent Epidemic, this is a Growth and Development challenge with life-long consequences if it is left untreated.  Education is the key for everyone on the front line where 9 out of 10 children are affected.   It is a serious discussion on all medical fronts, parents, teachers and that irrépressible voice of social media that has amplified the conversation.   For anyone involved with the care of children, it is essential to understand what is happening and why, because once you know this, it changes almost everything.  The solution is tied to a child’s growth chart, so don’t wait.

Healthy Start Patient Case

INVITED.  This is a medical problem with a dental solution.  So along with dental
Healthy Start Dental Study Group professionals attending Continuing Education Courses to become treatment providers, Family Doctors, Pediatricians, ENT’s and Educators they will learn from the highest authorities, what HealthyStart™ knows after 50 years of research and experience.   One segment of the training has been opened to help this group identify the outward symptoms of SDB with an explanation of the underlying cause.   The best standard of care comes from their certified counterpart in the dental health environment.  They possess the appropriate equipment, and trained staff to guide the treatment plan in conjunction with their standard dental care.  Study groups and health care circles are sharing information and ongoing research to provide the answers parents are looking for, from the doctors they turn to.

Leslie Stevens, HealthyStart™ CEO Having treated over 3 million children around the Healthy Start CEOworld, our goal is to educate the community and anyone working with children.  Children are suffering and parents want an answer.  HealthyStart is irrefutably, that comprehensive and permanent solution, in line with what parents want for their children as a safe, painless, non-pharmaceutical fix. They do not want their child to suffer another day and neither do we.   We treat children from the age of 2, allowing every child the greatest capacity to reach their potential.  We are invited into dental schools to provide clinical training and collaborate on research projects for children affected by the symptoms of SDB.  The Healthy Start Smile Foundation is our passion, this is our mission.”

HELP!  When the jaw drops back for an open mouth breather, it restricts their airway and that loss of oxygen leads to a cascading decline in overall health that can follow a child into adulthood if it is not addressed well ahead of adolescence.  HealthyStart™ creates nasal
breathers for life, if treatments start early and there is goodHealthy Start Mouth Breathing compliance.  The results of mouth breathing are shocking and include crooked / crowded teeth, grinding, bedwetting, ADD / ADHD like behaviors, chronic allergies, snoring, delayed or arrested growth and more.  This interference in sleep affects school performance, social behavior and often self-image.   Physical appearance, or growth and development in a child’s profile and dentition, are impacted by the cause and effect of mouth breathing!

Healthy Start InventorWORLD CHANGER – Board Certified Orthodontist, Dr. Earl Bergersen DDS, MSD, ABO, 50 years ago founded Ortho-Tain™ and is the inventor of the HealthyStart™ Treatment system with over 3 million cases worldwide.  Bergersen taught 25yrs. as an assoc. professor at Northwestern Dental School, holds over 500 US and International Patents, has delivered over 500 Seminars and has publish more than 80 peer reviewed articles and 80 Monographs.  HealthyStart™ by Ortho-Tain™ appliances are FDA approved, Health Canada Certified, equivalent to a Class II Medical Device.  There are no BPA’s no Silicone, no Latex and appliances and cases are antimicrobial, ISO 13485 and American made.  Treatment is available in 37 countries.

DOCTORS WITH ANSWERS.  Dr. Anthony Marino, DDS, MS, Inc. Magic Braces Vacaville CA has the answers- but sometimes he lets his patients do the talking.  The ‘Go-To- Moms’ are a trusted voice of experience, like Magdalena Ramos sharing the moving story of her son’s HealthyStart treatment with other parents and now with you.

PARENTS WITH A FIRM MESSAGE.  Parents do not want their child put on hold, they want their child to thrive.  Parents look for the best treatment from the most informed, proactive and experienced doctors and staff.  Nine out of ten children present symptoms affecting their growth and development so more parents are beginning to understand how the ticking clock is the enemy as children near adolescents.  The new Standard of Care is a comprehensive, safe, non-pharmaceutical and permanent solution that is FDA approved to intervene on detrimental sleep habits, social behavior, various growth and development issues.  More than symptoms, they now see this as a preventable forecast for their child with signs of distress and life-long health trouble ahead.

Healthy Start WebinarsHealthyStart™ is reserving seats for the first 2 hours of day one of our two day seminars, for interested professionals from 8:30 to 10:30am.   Call 1-844-Kid-Healthy or register online to be included, Media, Educators, ENT’s, Pediatricians, Sleep Physicians and referring medical professionals.

2 Day Lecture Series: 

April 7 & 8: Jacksonville, Florida

April 21 & 22: Houston, Texas

May 12 & 13: Charlotte, North Carolina

June 9 & 10: San Diego, California

July 21 & 22: Charleston, South Carolina

July 28 & 29: Austin, Texas

September 29 & 30: Columbus, Ohio

October 5 & 6: Ann Arbor, Michigan

3 Hour Study Clubs:

March 22.  5pm – 8pm: Seattle, Washington

April 23, 3pm 6pm: St. Louis, Missouri

Weekly Webinars

Tuesday Evenings: 8:00pm                                

Presented weekly by a Premier HealthyStartLecturing Doctor. An overview for parents, child care professionals and educators.   You will learn how to identify the symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing, the underlying causes and the comprehensive solution offered exclusively through the advanced series of FDA approved appliances and treatment.

A Parents Overview of Sleep-Disordered Breathing and the HealthyStart™ Treatment. (Learning to spot the symptoms/traits of SDB in children)

Dr. Brian Kraft, Dr. Jamin Houser, Dr. Dana Boyd, Dr. Craig Larson


Brief HealthyStart Intro                                                                             (learning center) 1-844-Kid-Healthy
HealthyStart™ Ortho-Tain™ Parent company

  • 50 years
  • ISO 13485
  • 3 million children treated globally
  • 37 countries offer treatment
  • Developed and founder by inventor, Dr. Earl Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO
  • 514 current US and International patents
  • (Most prolific patent developer since Thomas Edison)
  • FDA approved
  • Class II Medical Device
  • Health Canada Certified
  • NO BPAs, No Silicone, No Latex, Anti-microbial


  1. Mouth Breathing
  2. Snoring
  3. ADD/ADHD Like Behaviors
  4. TMJ Issues
  5. Bed Wetting
  6. Academics, Science, Math, Spelling
  7. Restless Sleep
  8. Delayed Growth
  9. Nightmares
  10. Chronic Allergies, Eczema, Asthma
  11. Crowded, Crooked Teeth
  12. Teeth Grinding, Bruxing
  13. Tooth Decay Dry Mouth
  14. Overbite/Overjet,Malocclusions
  15. Dark Under Eye Circles
  16. Swollen Adenoids/Tonsils
  17. Aggressive Behavior, Irritability, Depression, Anger, Headaches
  18. Daytime Sleepiness

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